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Developed with love making use of HTML5, CSS, Bulma JS and some others utilities. Use of PHP at the back-end to develop the translation into multiple languages of the site.

Analysis of security risks in the use of containers for HPC

Research carried out for the accomplishment of my Final Year Dissertation (TFG). This research work resulted in a detailed study of the main possible attack vectors that may affect the cloud structure of the Supercomputing Centre of Galicia (CESGA). For this, I made use of multiple containerization technologies, obtaining as result some advices of improvement and different exploitation tests.

This project continued the previous research work, this time with a special focus on the cybersecurity side.

Evaluation and Benchmarking of Singularity MPI containers on EU Research e-Infrastructure

During my first collaboration at the Supercomputing Centre of Galicia (CESGA), my main task was to create a container-based system configuration on an HPC (High Performance Computing) infrastructure.

Thanks to the work developed by the team I was part of, we achieved to publish my first paper: Evaluation and Benchmarking of Singularity MPI Containers on EU Research e-Infrastructures, presented at the SC19: The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis.

IDwebapp - Web application for managing a small business system

Web application for managing a small business system, making uso of role-based access control (RBAC), thanks to Apache Tomcat and the use of Java Authentication and Authorization Services (JAAS).

The project includes documentation, as well as a video demonstration and a video explanation of the developed code.

Security analysis of architectures based on Kubernetes

Project carried out as my Master's thesis. Comprehensive project to secure a Kubernetes-based cluster, including the processes of: planning, theoretical study, specification of limitations and requirements, creation and configuration of the cluster, vulnerability analysis, securitization and future work. Use of Docker as container technology and Istio as Service Mesh. Special emphasis on the importance and current migration to microservices.

This project received excellent reviews from my tutor and the jury that evaluated the dissertation, which is why it was incorporated into the University's public repository.